ISO 50001 Energy Management System


Establishes the processes and systems necessary to improve energy efficiency and ensures the implementation and sustainability of these processes and systems. The standard covers all types of energy. All of the organizations encourage effective energy management, cost reduction and environmental awareness.
ISO 50001 Energy Management System is a management system that can be applied to every kind of small and big business in every sector and can be carried out by itself as well as being integrated with other management systems. The Energy Management System is based on the determination of the energy policies of the organizations, the management of the energy consumption in the framework of the energy management programs in line with the aims and targets and the improvement by evaluating the performance of the energy management system.
Requirements for Setting Up the System

  • Identification of the requirements of the establishment.
  • Establishment of energy policy and determination of energy targets.
  • Review of energy issues for start-up.
  • Determination of required processes and responsibilities.
  • Identification of sources that directly concern energy targets.
  • Establish methods for observing and analyzing energy.
  • Identification of efficient energy and energy performance indicators.
  • Establish effective tools for operational control.
  • Continuous examination and monitoring of the development of efficient energy use.


  • Ensures top management's involvement.
  • The establishment ensures that it has its own energy management system.
  • Focus on the elements that will save money.
  • Provides more efficient process maps.
  • Provides consistency in practice.
  • Ensures that employees are educated, competent and aware of their responsibilities.
  • Allows the occurrence of deviations in energy consumption.
  • Reduces risks to a minimum.
  • Makes energy consumption predictable.
  • Ensure accurate information to facilitate decision making.
  • Identify open areas and weaknesses in development and ensure that activities are initiated.
  • Focus on continuous improvement.