Investors, business partners, staff and shareholders all have to be sure that management is making every effort to prevent abuse at every level of organization. The ISO 37001 standard is designed to help an organization implement and maintain a proactive anti-corruption system.
While bribery and corruption are an obstacle to international trade at the global level, there are also very negative effects on the morale of both employees and organizations. If a company is competent in bribery prevention and detection, the risk of inappropriate behavior is less likely to occur, and the occurrence of this risk may be identified and managed earlier than in other companies. An anti-bribery management system is designed to increase the chances of perceiving bribery by placing an anti-bribery culture in an organization and implementing appropriate controls, and to reduce the area of influence in the first place.
• The standard provides minimum requirements and supportive guidance for the implementation of the anticorruption management system.
• ISO 37001 certification assures management, investors, business partners, staff and other stakeholders that an organization has taken appropriate measures to prevent bribery.
• Applications and certifications can be used as evidence of case detection in the event of a dispute
• follows the same standard as ISO 37001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 and can be easily integrated into existing management systems.
• During the certification audit, our auditors identify the potential for improvement and make suggestions to improve the effectiveness of your anti-corruption system.
• Helps fight bribery
• Ethical business encourages cult
• Increase the performance of affected processes
• Prove employees' commitment to their best practice in combating bribery.
• Monitors and manages the risk throughout our business
• It shows that your organization has implemented, maintained and improved the anti-corruption compliance program.
• Protect the company from the bribery of its assets, shareholders and managers.