ISO 27001 Information Securtiy Management System

ISO 27001 INFORMATION SECURITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM It is a management system that includes people, processes and information systems in the provision of corporate information security and is supported by senior management. It is designed to provide adequate and proportionate security controls that protect information assets and reassure interested parties.
This standard helps identify, manage, and minimize certain threats that information is regularly exposed to. This standard is designed to show to your customers and other parties that appropriate security controls have been selected and that your information assets are secure.

ISO 27001 Information Security Management System (ISMS) Standard is applied for the following subjects;
• Identify safety requirements and objectives,
• Ensuring that security risks are managed economically,
• Ensuring compliance with legal requirements,
• To demonstrate that the applications and controls included in your information security infrastructure comply with the level of security intended by the organization,
• Identify and explain current information security management processes,
• Determining the status of information security management activities by management,
• To assess compliance by internal and external auditors with the organization, policy, procedures and standards,
• Provide information about your business partners, your information security policies, procedures and standards,
• Providing information to your customers about your information security.

Benefits of ISO 27001 Information Security Management System;
• Protection of the confidentiality of information assets,
• Ensuring effective risk management by identifying threats and risks,
• Protection of corporate reputation,
• Ensuring business continuity,
• Supervision of access to information resources,
• Raising the level of awareness of security of personnel, contractors and subcontractors and informing them of important security issues,
• Establishing a realistic control system to ensure that sensitive information is used appropriately in automated and manually managed systems,
• Ensuring the integrity and authenticity of information assets,
• Preventing employees from being under suspicion of abuse and harassment that may be done by others,
• Ensure that sensitive information is appropriately exposed to third parties and auditors.