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Information technology has a great place in our business and daily life. It is a condition that cannot be in the social, commercial and scientific media. When referred to as information technology, it covers all activities that an information processing unit can offer, from internet services to archiving, technical services to software services. A technology that is so widely used and growing and evolving must be sustainable, manageable and controllable.


  • Understanding customer expectations and needs and providing accurate service and support
  • Ensuring that the benefits and talents of Information Technology are clearly visible
  • Provide more robust information on current services
  • Increased service quality and corporate reliability
  • Increase employee support through more accurate analysis of staff skills
  • Providing the ability to acquire an external service provider more effectively
  • Managing Information Technology and reducing operating costs as much as possible
  • To provide safety, speed and accessibility and to increase service level
  • Preventing recurrence and recurrence of problems and problems
  • Effective use of resources
  • Increased satisfaction of Information Technology teams
  • Increased access to and facilitation of information technology services
  • Ensuring that unnecessary work is identified and disposed of
  • Ensuring that learning and lecture-taking occur in past experiences
  • Providing enlightenment to know the responsibilities of the persons involved in the distribution of services