ISO 14001 Environmental Management System



It is a standard created to reduce the loss of damage to the environment. It is not a product standard. It deals with what is produced, not how it is produced. Each sector is a management system that can be applied to the business and is based on the voluntary principle.

An environmental management system created by organizations for a cleaner and livable environment that can be handed down to future generations is a management system established to regulate environmental processes, procedures, responsibilities, resources, planning activities and organizational structure based on environmental policy, implementing and maintaining this policy. An effective Environmental Management System has a significant positive impact on the image of the company as it reduces environmental liabilities and wastes, increases work efficiency, reduces costs, and so on.

Benefits of Environmental Management System

• Complies with national and international legal regulations.
• It makes it easier to obtain permission and authorization documents.
• Gives national and international reputation.
• Costs due to environmental influences are reduced.
• Because of effective use of natural resources, costs are reduced, and productivity is increased.
• Customer confidence is enhanced by giving the customer assurance that they are under an obligation for environmental management.
• Reduces liability incidents, thus financial liability insurance provides the potential to reduce costs.
• Pollution resulting from company activities is controlled starting from the source and pollution is reduced.
• Identification of potential hazard situations leads to a reduction in events resulting in loss as a result of emergency and accident preparedness.
• Workplace quality is thereby increased, and worker morale is increased, and loyalty is increased.
• Thanks to the trainings given to the staff, environmental awareness is increased in the employees.
• It makes it easier to enter markets where green production processes are important.