1.) Company Information Form
Filling out the "Company Information Form" where information such as company activities, number of employees, business processes are included by the company manager or representative and sent to YBM.

2.) Price Offer
The "Price Bid" prepared on the basis of "Company Information Form" is sent to the institution by YMM. (P-17 Service Pricing)

3.) Application for Documentation Following the acceptance of the "Offer", the applicant must submit the application form and the Quality Handbook and Procedures to the QA from the manager or the representative.

4.) Stage 1 It is to determine
that all documents included in the standard to document Stage Control are included in the first or second level documents. Examination of compliance with relevant standard requirements of management system documentation and preparation of written report for nonconformities if any.

5.) II. Stage Control
Establishment of ISO 9001 standard of establishment quality management system, establishment of compliance with relevant laws and establishment quality policy, determination of conformity (correctness) and implementation of documentary audit activity conducted by the organization.

6.) Documentation
Approval and publication of the document after the proof of the identified corrective actions has been sent to the QB.

7) Surveillance Audits
To conduct surveillance audits to monitor the continuous improvement of the certified management system every 6 months or once a year.