Declaration of Impartiality

Declaration of Impartiality

• The CPC acts independently and objectively in all certification services.
• All customers have the right to receive services under the accreditation guidelines.
• Documentation procedures are applied to all customers in the same way. There is no confidential or explicit
discrimination, such as expediting or extending any customer certification process.
• All employees are guaranteed to be free from all financial and commercial concerns.
• No person or organization can influence the decisions of staff, committees, auditors, supervisors and experts involved in the activities carried out within the scope of System Certification Services.
• Consulting services to ensure impartiality and other services that may jeopardize impartiality are not provided by the CPS.
• The circumstances that may cause a possible conflict of interest during the receipt of the application of the organizations requesting certification are analyzed and in case of such a case no documentation service is provided.
• Documentation services are best implemented within the framework of ISO / IEC 17021, ISO / IEC 17021-1, ISO / IEC 17021-2, ISO / IEC 17021-3 and ISO / TS 22003, ISO / IEC 27006 and other relevant standards, guidelines all necessary resources will be provided continuously so that the continuing satisfaction of the segments to be carried out and the minimum level of complaints can be maintained.